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Tailoring is one of the most important elements in the history of modern fashion. An immensely technical craft requiring the precise measuring, cutting, and sewing of fabric in order to highlight the idealized human form, the tailor’s art has had a profound impact on the aesthetic development of fashion for 250 years.

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HATTREK Tailoring

Hattrek is a textile company that has been started in August 2012 and is tailoring all kind of sports dresses and fashion dress with customized size and design according to all customers desire. We are located in Qatar and Oman and The main target market includes VIP clients that require higher price with the highest-quality design and will distribute its textile apparel whole middle east.

Hattrek is a company that will create a brand concept consisting textile apparel and will utilize multiple channels of distribution. The mission is to establish an important brand that represents quality in textile sports dresses.

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You can count on Hattrek Tailoring to provide you with the stylish garments that are on trend. We ensure that we give all our customers the best service all of the time.

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We are dedicated in providing top-quality tailoring, which is customizes as per your choice

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Get a unique design made out of embroidery, which makes you stand out

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screen printing

We bring out Screen Printing as an expression of creativity and artistic vision than a technique

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We create customized corporate & business promotional gifts

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Hattrek must believe in its ability to create future product opportunities and growth will only be limited by the imagination and ability to attract talented people who understand the concept of branding.Hattrek will be dedicated to providing consistently high client satisfaction by rendering.We develop and build creative performance product from innovation textile for success brand. We don’t just source it for you we work with our many technology partners to help develop just the right fabric and featured that will give you apparel product market place.

Best tailoring services in Doha

top uniform suppliers in Doha

Embroidering shop in Doha

Screen Printing in Doha

Women's Tailoring in Doha

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